Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modern migrants - Amazon Gypsies and it's sad

It has been a long time that I am baffled how to combat again the outsourcing to the China, India...this is proving that the Americans are resilient and resourceful. This will do because the mobility together the cheap labor will evenly balance out the cost of outsourcing. 10-15 yrs ago America was made a big mistake to outsource all the labor works/manufactures to China and now they suffer for the consequence. 2003 was the year that the last Tivi was produced in America. Now everywhere you go all the products are made in China rarely see made in US/Canada/France/Switzerland... Last week, I was lucky to buy a frying-pan made in France. It costs more but it will last for a long time. I have a well designed electric kettle that was made in Switzerland and I have been using it everyday for the past 15 years to make my morning coffee. And it's still running. This is one of the ways to save the environment. I don't like to buy things from China/India then throw them away because their quality. You get what you pay for and it's true.

The American Dream is a nightmare for most Americans. Once you could go to school, get an education, marry, have kids, buy a home and do better than the generation before you, AND expect your kids to do better than you. WHERE DO YOU SEE THAT IN TODAY'S AMERICA? Yes, when compared with many other countries, we fare better than most in many ways. But the dream is gone, our kids will face our problems and additional problems the current 2 party American government continues to allow and support in the way they have for the past 20 years. -- Thomas
Sometimes one party like China it is easy to pursuit the goal of one country but sometimes it may go to wrong patch like North Korea...since there is no opponent. At the end it will likely depending on the patriot leaders and their fellows. Education is the key component. I agree when hearing UN said that it will be impossible or it will take 100 years to train the Afghanistan army to build to protect their country because most of them are illiteracy and uneducated which make them to become easy target and vulnerable to swerve their mentalities to do bad things. Even now in rural Mongolia people trades ATN(3 wheel forklift truck) for 6-8 camels, it is the same for other parts in the world like Africa. Unlike India with the population exceeds 1 billion as China but the improvement is minuscule. To govern this size of population is toughed and to bring the country out of the poverty is tougher, in this point China has succeeded over the expectation in just 10 years. The key to succeed here is educated their fellow citizens, this is the reason why US and China will invest in the mayor education so they can compete in 21st century. Obama had said just to finish high school in this 21 st century was not acceptable. It has proved now a large of unemployment is in manufacture section. We have seen that the more high tech in global economy demands for higher education in researchinf, in computer, in bio technology...
To be able to have a job now the engineer must be very good and better 10 yrs ago because the competition is no longer in America but to the world.
I have seen the report from BBC that China can transform the old village to a new city under 4 years, they build a high rise building in one month. I do hope that VN can learn from the neighbor. "cach mang/cai cach ve con nguoi" a revolution on the human being/people to adapt the trend to become prosperous country. If not, VN will be left behind, VN has missed many opportunities in the past to become like Singapore or even Japan. Indeed, VN has all the ingredients to become a power house of a great nation. Remember the North and the South of VN unified in 1975, in the mean time the fall of Berlin wall just in 1989 when the unification occurred between East of West of Germany. Germany overcame that hurdle to become member of G8 countries.

China is considering investments of up to $1.5-trillion (U.S.) over five years in seven strategic industries, sources said, a plan aimed at accelerating the country’s transition from the world’s supplier of cheap goods to a leading purveyor of high-value technologies.
So in 5 years it will cost us more to buy Make-in-China, they are smart. I called it's a means to an end.
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