Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vietnam in 1975 and Vietnam now and between.

When I watched the Oscar award recently, there was a movie talked about last days in Vietnam in 1975, it was nominated for an award. I watched it the same night and so touching about the fact and I was there after 1975. The movie began with the question " who will leave and who will left behind" and I was the among left behind. I escaped in 1975 in a small boat to Malaysia and I asked myself this question either to live free or die, then I answered to myself to live free. I chose Canada because at that time, I was 20 and I thought that because the American causing the war and left us behind. In the film, the same person asked himself that this was what we fought for and Americans came to make this happened. Here are the footage of Vietnam then and now. Once day I write the book about my ordeal that I have went through. I live far from Vietnamese community and only time I see the Vietnamese when I am back to Vietnam. It was the great movie about the collapse of South Vietnam and Vietnam is the only country that goes back to the communist. I saw the Lambretta in movie and I also had the same scooter painted in yellow banana.