Saturday, June 4, 2011

VT - Virtualization Technology and it is not Vermont

This weekend I face this problem on my 2 old laptops they are about 3, 4 years old. Try to install the VM machine they are both dual core processor working on 64-bit win 7 and linux 64-bit. But it does work with Virtual machine guest 64-bit because Intel does not support VT and most of my AMD machines work without problem. I searched the net I was laughing with this comment.

"When you next go shopping, you might want to burn a copy of the .iso
from this article and take with you. You can boot up the machine & it
will test to see if VT-x is working, or can be enabled"

AMD is the way to go it may not as fast as Intel but it has all the Bells and Whistles Mean when needed. The error is also mislead because dual core processor supports 64-bit but the error like this: This kernel requires an X86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. Why don't it says CPU has no VT. By reading the error the way I understand it has to do with 32 or 64-bit.
This morning I finished device driver geometry to support 100% accurately for my monitor. To figure out these magic numbers to work the way I wanted:
E0 38 90 34 62 1A 27 40 6C B0 36 00 DA 28 11 00 00 18 1680x1050 59.68 Hz with more vertical adjustment.
Now I can make any computers to work with all LCD tivi screen by making device driver follows the flat screen tivi. Read the geometry from tivi and write it into the device driver of computer to support the resolution of tivi instead of the other way around. Feel good.
It took over 2 days to get this geometry right because the s/w tool gave a wrong information. These days we depends on tools to debug but sometimes the software tools give us a wrong information and scratch our head and read over and over again what's wrong with these numbers:
21 39 90 30 62 1A 27 40 68 B0 36 00 DA 28 11 00 00 1C it makes the screen flickers after running for a while because it is wrong geometry.
So many problems which are hard to keep track and remember them. It is different from the old days now you may know a lot but a little bit of everything and it is not very deep as before. I think that the engineers now are smart than before as you can see for yourself how the technology changes our life. People says that if you don't manage the technology then the technology will manage yourself.