Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conscious vs. unconscious

When faced with a difficult decision, we try to come up with the best choice by carefully considering all of the options, maybe even resorting to lists and lots of sleepless nights. So it may be surprising that recent studies have suggested that the best way to deal with complex decisions is to not think about them at all—that unconscious thought will help us make the best choices. Although this may seem like an appealing strategy, new research in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, cautions that there are limitations in the efficacy of unconscious thought making the best decisions.

In order to study and remember, there is a number of way to remember the things that we want to study.
The PQ4R method is a mnemonic technique used for remembering text material. The
name is itself a mnemonic device for the steps involved. If you are interested in better remembering a chapter from a textbook, you should first Preview the information by skimming quickly through the chapter and looking at the headings. The next step is to form Questions about the information. One way to do this is by simply converting headings to questions. Using this article as an example, you might ask, What are the ways to improve memory? The third step is to Read the text carefully trying to answer the questions. After reading, the next step is to Reflect on the material. One way would be to create your own examples of how the principles you are reading could be applied. The next step is to Recite the material after reading it. That is, put the book aside or look away and try to recall or to recite what you have just read. If you cannot bring it to mind now, you will have little chance later. The last step in PQ4R is to Review. After you have read the entire chapter, go through it again trying to recall and to summarize its main points.
P: Preview
Q: Questions
3R: Read, Reflect, Recite

This is my way to study things. Neu em can hoc hay nho mot dieu gi thi day la cach cua toi.

UQC3R Understand, Question, Connect 3R: Remember, Review and Recall
for example: study the VoIP
U Understand: Voice over Internet
Q Question: What is it used for? It is used to talk over Internet
C Connect: Phone to Internet
R Remember: Take time to remember
R Review: Take time to review it
R Recall (unconscious): Do this anywhere you like it. Unconscious is the a strong part of your brain to remember things.

for example: how to remember name of 5 Great lakes. Nho Ten cua 5 Ngu Dai Ho
U Understand: Great lakes in the world locates in North America
Q Question: Where are the Great Lakes? North America
C Connect: HOMES.' Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
R Remember: Take take to remember the above sentence
R Review: a few times
R Recall: Do this anywhere you like it a few times.