Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Life partner is very much like dance partner which has 3C: character, chemistry and choreography. I am looking for someone has 3C as I am. We need to be in sync as in life and in dancing.

This picture of Nancy Reagan kissed Ronald Reagan's casket is always engraved in my mind when I think about marry, love, family and grow old together. People asks me why I am not married because I don't want to marry because of I am getting old or seeing someone gets marry and I want to do the same. See my introduction at my website, I stated very clearly that there is no rush for me when looking for life partner. Life will be miserable when you are not right to each other and I am rather to live alone and do the things that I love and I like instead of living unhappy or just to live because you have to or because the responsibility or other reasons. I look for the true love that we can live the rest of our life and we feel happy and enjoy every minutes that we have. There was one who told me that he thought he was happy for the past 17 years until he divorced then he found someone else and he lives with his new wife now. He realized that is what he was missing for the past 17 years. He is regretting that he lost 17 years of his life to find the true love. I don't want that because I have a very interesting life to live right now. I prefer to live in the dream world than a disgust/dishonest reality.

P.S. To memorize 20 years the fall of Berlin wall, the collapse of Soviet Union and the rest of Easter Europe and ending the cold war. Thanks to the contribution of Reagan and Gorbachev.