Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nothing is wrong with the blog

Currently google video server is down they are currently looking into it. So all the video that I play will remain black blank screen. Aha even Mr. Google is still having the problem, I just thought because I added the translation table to the blog causing the problem. I lost a few hours to figure out, finally I did the search and aha many blogs have the same problem. It is true that the future is unknown, we can only know what we are doing but the internet is depending on so many elements it was not like 20 years ago you could control your work your destiny. Our life can be so wrong in the future because we depend so much on the internet. It is scaring. No computers there is no electric, no airplane, no it is really scaring. Thay vi tien nghi anh thay cuoc song cang kho so va doa day hon 20 nam ve truoc luc do dau co mat thoi gio de diet virus nhu bay gio. Co le chung ta da sai khi tuy thuoc qua nhieu vao computers. Va hang ngay chung ta mat nhieu thoi gio qua ko lam dc gi cho chinh ban than minh vi ky thuat thay doi moi ngay. Cu tuong tuong nhu chuyen dong dat earthquake vua roi o Haiti hay Tsunami nhu nam 2005 ma xay ra o trung tam cua main optical distributor hubs thi se the nao? We are very vulnerable.
That su nhung nguoi song co lap nhu Amish ho se ko bi anh huong, ho tu choi nen van minh va tu choi tiep xuc voi the gioi ben ngoai co le ho la ng suong nhat va song hanh phuc nhat, ho di xe ngua moi lan toi di ngang qua fia Bac New York va Canada, toi rat thich nhin ho di xe ngua bay gio o Bac My ma ho song nhu thoi xua (it is real) va dan ong hay dan ba deu mat do den va trong ho rat tu ton cham rai ko co vat va va vat lon voi cuoc song nhu chung ta. Xem movie For a Richer and Poorer , Tim Allen dong vai cua Amish. It is a funny movie. We need it.
Co mot nha khoa hoc di du hoi nghi o Waterloo noi rang toi rat ganh ti voi nhg nguoi Amish vi cuoc song cua ho moi that su day du y nghia. Khi phong vien hoi ong ta rang la nha khoa hoc ong co nghi tien loi cua khoa hoc van minh giup cho con nguoi hay lam kho cho con nguoi? Va do la cau tra loi cua ong ay.

P.S. It is 4 PM now all the videos are working now.