Saturday, January 23, 2010

This morning was bad...

I went to bed around 2 am in the morning and most of the times, I go into the deep sleep in a few minutes and in the middle of the night I heard a loud noise "bang" I did not wake up but instead sleeping through the night.
This morning I could not found my wireless mouse, people uses the remote control to turn the tivi on and off but I am using a wireless mouse to turn the tivi on and off. My tivi is connected to a computer and I am using a wireless mouse to watch movie or read the news using a virtual keyboard. A virtual keyboard on Linux allowing you to type using a wireless mouse it is very much as you type on the cellphone.
I found my wireless mouse under my bed, it felt and broken and I thought 2 batteries inside the jacket were missing because I found one battery lied under the bed with the wireless, it took me more 10 minutes to find another battery and finally I realized only one of the battery felt off the wireless mouse. To be environment friendly I am using rechargeable battery it costs a bit more than the normal battery but you don't have to throw it away instead you could recharge it and reuse again.
After I putted back batteries into my wireless mouse and I looked into the tivi screen do you know what I saw ? A big message "system restart" and it has probably been like that since last night when the remote felt. Then I did a system recover it won't budge so I had to do a hard reset. It is a mystery is it a virus? or system was insane when the mouse felt or what?

Too much high tech too much pain. First time happened to me so it is a good to share with you. At home I setup the equipments the way I wanted and I prefer to work at home. I get a lot of things done quicker than when I am at my office. I like to watch tivi or listen to the music during I am working. At work I have to use the headphone because people is around you and I did not get used with the headphone. Now people prefers to work at home than come to the office specially if you have a right setup. Probably in 5 years most of us will work at home, we can balance our time or life in the better way. And it is very secure with VPN (virtual Private Network), it is like to sit at the office. You probably heard a lot of virtual from my blog and it is true the world will go into virtual reality(VR) everything one day for example we have virtual function, virtual box, virtual machine, virtual local area network (VLAN) it is like you print a file but the printer is located half of world away from you or you get a file from half the world away from you just like you get from your local PC, Virtual Private Network (VPN), the term "virtual is very popular and powerful word in our environment". Virtual function is one of complications in implementation software and it has a profound fundamental. Understand it you will understand a lot of things. It deals with base class object and very powerful meaning in software. Virtual (tieng Viet la Ao).
So I know maybe during I slept and I did kickboxing or Kong Fu. Usually I slept very quiet because I can see myself in the same position in my bed when woke up unless I am really tired like last night. I don't like this week, too much work and I start to hate my job now. I need a vacation so badly if not, I am going to be crazy. Sometimes I just wanted to move to Florida, Hawaii or somewhere in Europe or an island near to the ocean opening a small restaurant or a place to rent bicycles out to the tourists. Em thay dc ko? Doc bai post hom qua. Va se co 1 bai nua.