Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chieu nay mot minh (Solitude afternoon)

Co khi nguoi ta mat di mot tinh yeu, co khi nguoi ta mat di mot que huong, co khi nguoi ta mot phan doi, co khi mat ng ta di su ngay tho, co khi ng ta mat tat ca nhung ngon ngu cua nhac se thang hoa nhung dieu do.
There may be a time we lost our love, there may be a time we lost our country, there may be a time we lost a part of our life time, there may be is a time we lost our natural and there may be a time we lost everything but the language of music will sublimate these feelings.

Chiều nay một mình chiếc bóng đơn côi
Mưa rơi giọt buồn giá buốt tim tôi
Mưa rơi lạnh lùng xóa dấu chân tôi
Tình yêu bây giờ trả lại người xưa
To listen this was one of the song I used to slow dance when I was young.
I can imagine walking in the rain with a broken feel cold and lonely and no one knows that if you're crying...toi tuong tuong ra bai nhac nhu vay va toi thich no khi toi ca. You don't need to know Vietnamese to have this feeling from the song I play.

When I was in Cuba I did not know any Spanish but I loved to listen Spanish music in the bar at night in Havana specially "Besame mucho". You can hear I play an English version. I can speak English/French and Vietnamese. The only 2 words that I understand and speak very well in Spanish is "Besame Mucho" it means I love you (Besame Mucho co nghia la Anh yeu em).