Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye to love

It was a summer of 2005 about this time of the year, I was about to taste my first true love then you called me @6AM just to wake me up to hear my voice and it was the last time I heard from you.
Now we are on the separate path, you became a lonely mother. From your recent email, I came to know that phone call was a "Goodbye to love". Grow apart during these years but nothing could take away the grief from me, there were never a moment that I did not think about you and you remain a special place in my heart.

Hear the wind sing a sad old song
It knows I'm leaving you today
Please don't cry or my heart will break
When I go on my way

Goodbye my love, goodbye
Goodbye and au revoir
As long as you'll remember me
I'll never be too far
Goodbye my love, goodbye
I always will be true
So hold me in your dreams
Till I come back to you

See the stars in the skies above
They'll shine wherever I may roam
I will pray ev'ry lonely night
That soon they'll guide me home

...dedicated to TTTT