Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye to love

It was a summer of 2005 about this time of the year, I was about to taste my first true love then you called me @6AM just to wake me up to hear my voice and it was the last time I heard from you.
Now we are on the separate path, you became a lonely mother. From your recent email, I came to know that phone call was a "Goodbye to love". Grow apart during these years but nothing could take away the grief from me, there were never a moment that I did not think about you and you remain a special place in my heart.

Hear the wind sing a sad old song
It knows I'm leaving you today
Please don't cry or my heart will break
When I go on my way

Goodbye my love, goodbye
Goodbye and au revoir
As long as you'll remember me
I'll never be too far
Goodbye my love, goodbye
I always will be true
So hold me in your dreams
Till I come back to you

See the stars in the skies above
They'll shine wherever I may roam
I will pray ev'ry lonely night
That soon they'll guide me home

...dedicated to TTTT

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

This video is how I remember you Micheal in the Jackson 5 - One of the greatest talent ever.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love and rose...

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be
Life is for loving, there is no higher in purpose in
life than to love, be loved and share that love.
Love, I fear is not something that we choose, it just
happens. And love, no matter how hard anyone
may try to deny their need, is what sustains us. It
gives us strength, purpose and reason to love. Love
wraps it’s arms around us, though yet it may still,
bring us to our knees.

It is not an easy task, love. It is something that we
each must work at. It requires patience, honesty,
compassion, trust, acceptance, forgiveness,
selflessness, commitment and time. We live
in a world that is always on the go; too busy to stop,
to take the time to hear our loved ones, lend a
hand, a shoulder, our undivided attention. Yet, love
does not flourish with out those things. Like a
garden of Rose we must tend to our love, pull
carefully away the weeds that might take from our love
the nourishment that it needs.
Happiness is only completed if it is shared with
others. ./.tv

I have a new friend, she/he loves peanuts and very patient to have her/his picture taken. Don't know if it is he or she but very cute. I took this picture at my backyard in the morning when I had my coffee. Saigon is too noisy for me, it is ok to visit. I like the nature so much. Only place near Saigon I can find peaceful is my famuly land in Long Thanh.

I was with the spoodle in family land in Long Thanh, there are a lot of mangoes, jack fruit( I love it), cashew tree, dragon fruit (thanh long), clementine...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who are going to drive you home tonight.

If you don't understand Vietnamese this song is very closed to the previous post "Dem nay ai dua em ve". I am appreciated and thank you for writing me.
I like this song a lot too specially when driving home from work and ...
Enjoy. ./.tv

Dem nay ai dua em ve (Who are going to take you home tonight)

Dem nay ai dua em ve

Duong khuya sao troi lap lanh
Dem nay anh dua em ve
Mat em sao chieu long lanh
Dem nay khong ai dua ve
Nguoi oi xin dung hon doi
Dem mai co don di ve
Xin nguoi hay nho tinh toi

Tinh khuc buon

Em nhu mot nu hong
Em nhu mot giot ruou nong
Diu ta vao cuoc mong
Cuoc tinh ngo da xa xua
da xanh xao tu thuo nao
Chot nguoi den voi tim ta...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chieu nay mot minh (Solitude afternoon)

Co khi nguoi ta mat di mot tinh yeu, co khi nguoi ta mat di mot que huong, co khi nguoi ta mot phan doi, co khi mat ng ta di su ngay tho, co khi ng ta mat tat ca nhung ngon ngu cua nhac se thang hoa nhung dieu do.
There may be a time we lost our love, there may be a time we lost our country, there may be a time we lost a part of our life time, there may be is a time we lost our natural and there may be a time we lost everything but the language of music will sublimate these feelings.

Chiều nay một mình chiếc bóng đơn côi
Mưa rơi giọt buồn giá buốt tim tôi
Mưa rơi lạnh lùng xóa dấu chân tôi
Tình yêu bây giờ trả lại người xưa
To listen this was one of the song I used to slow dance when I was young.
I can imagine walking in the rain with a broken feel cold and lonely and no one knows that if you're crying...toi tuong tuong ra bai nhac nhu vay va toi thich no khi toi ca. You don't need to know Vietnamese to have this feeling from the song I play.

When I was in Cuba I did not know any Spanish but I loved to listen Spanish music in the bar at night in Havana specially "Besame mucho". You can hear I play an English version. I can speak English/French and Vietnamese. The only 2 words that I understand and speak very well in Spanish is "Besame Mucho" it means I love you (Besame Mucho co nghia la Anh yeu em).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The heart of the matter - The Perfume of God

Those who recognize the existence of suffering, its cause, its remedy, and its cessation, have fathomed the four noble truths. They will walk in the right path. - Buddha.

Uoc gi

Uoc gi anh la nguoi dau tien cua em
Uoc gi anh la tinh yeu dau cua em
Uoc gi cai nhin dau tien la cua anh va em
Uoc gi su rung dong dau trong em tu anh
Uoc gi anh lam tim em dap manh dau tien
Uoc gi nu hon dau ay la cua anh
Uoc gi cai nam tay dau la cua anh
Uoc gi thoi gian quay nguoc de em van hon nhien

Lam sao anh co the xoa tan duoc hinh bong/hinh anh cua ty dau doi trong em, cua em khi em da tra loi voi anh rang nguoi ay la nguoi dau tien em nghi den, vay tai sao em email cho anh dau tien lam quen anh. De roi...em noi em khong xung dang voi tinh yeu cua anh.
Anh hieu chu tinh yeu nhu mot to giay trang khi em da yeu ai roi du co xoa di no van khong con la to giay trang va van de lai nhung nep nhan do la nhung ky niem. Anh cung biet tinh cam chu dau phai nhu co cay ma em co the vut bo de dang duoc va long tin cua em da mot lan bi cha dap thi khong bao gio lay lai duoc anh hieu. Anh co the se khoi dong lai nhung ky niem do, nhung vet thuong do trong em thoi minh tam xa nhau de thoi gian lam cho em quen di tat ca.
That long minh khong can di chung duong nhung nhat dinh minh cung nhin ve mot phia nhu anh da viet: My objective of love is to serve, not to win but to look toward in the same direction.

Em cho anh nu hon dau doi cua em vay thi anh fai co trach nhiem voi no do. (Trong phim Dep tung centimet)

“Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man last romance.”

“We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love is our first.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Déjà vu it is real (chuyen da xay ra va dang lap lai)

Déjà vu "already seen"; also called paramnesia, from Greek παρα "para," "near" + μνήμη "mnēmē," "memory") or promnesia, is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the near past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain.

Hom nay toi dang noi chuyen voi mot nguoi toi cam tuong nhung dieu toi dang noi hom nay da xay ra tu hom qua roi ma toi da thay va nghe rat ro rang nhung gi toi dang noi hom qua(stereotype). Toi co the nghe duoc nhung echo cua minh noi ra tu hom qua, va no xay ra rat nhanh. Luc do toi co cam giac rat la nhung thich thu. Toi thuong co nhung "Déjà vu" nhu vay xay ra cho toi.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Anh co tin vao duyen so khg?

Khong, nhung co the noi 50% co va 50% khong. Anh tin rang tren doi co nhg chuyen ki la khong giai thich duoc. Truoc do toi nghi rang minh hieu va dinh doan tuong lai minh nhung gi se xay ra nhung gio thi anh khong nghi nhu vay nen anh da viet de nhat nhu minh:
Life is never perfect so live and enjoy what you have because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Gio thi anh nghi minh biet qua it ve cuoc song va con nguoi, anh hieu quan sat cuoc song nhieu va cam nhan cuoc song khac hon. Ngay xua anh nhin rat nhieu ma thay rat it. Neu nhu vay chung ta mai la ke qua duong chi nhin thay nhau va luong qua nhau ma khong thay ma khong gap duoc nhau. Thay doi cai nhin va thay doi cai quan sat nay la dieu quan trong.
Vi vay anh nghi nhu em dang doc nhg dong thu va den day la do anh tao ra mot co hoi do, anh da co co gang roi do voi thien chi nhu da viet. Nhg minh co the ket thanh tinh ban dep de di den tinh yeu that dep that hanh phuc khong gi bang thi do la ngoai kha nang cua minh. Do co the la duyen no. Cung nhu con nguoi minh cai "toi" cua minh co the mot phan do ban chat bam sinh va mot phan anh huong boi nhung yeu to hoan canh khach quan xong dieu do khong quan trong mien sao con duong minh chon dua den mot ket qua tot dep. Co dung hon?
Neu minh chi song trai qua cuoc song don gian thuc te va khong phuc tap, neu cuoc song toan mau hong, tinh yeu nhu minh da mo, mot gia dinh em ap thi ta se khong biet duoc gia tri cua no va cuoc song va con nguoi nhu anh da viet. Cuoc song buon te va day du do nhung tuyet vong vi khong biet minh dang thieu gi neu minh luc nao cung co moi thu mot cach da dang. Co le vi vay nhieu nguoi da tim den cam giac moi nhu thuoc lac hay ma tuy. Vi vay anh da viet co nhung dam me tot la dieu quan trong cuoc song cua chung ta neu khong ta co the lam nhung dieu khong tot khi ta co het moi thu tren doi nay. Co dung hon?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14 is Flag Day in the United States.

It has been 232 years since the Stars and Stripes was officially adopted as the nation's flag. The first Flag Act called for the flag to consist of 13 stripes, alternating red and white, and 13 stars, representing the 13 colonies, which would be white on a blue background. In 1818, the design was adapted to include a star for each state. The term "Stars and Stripes," coined by Marquis de Lafayette to describe the United States, became a common nickname for the country's flag. Later, the name "Old Glory" was used by ship captain William Driver for a flag that was presented to him as a gift and that he fought to protect.

Khi sep 11, 2001 xay ra toi dang lam cho Lucent o Boston, MA va sang hom do toi biet duoc vi tat ca nhung website ve financing khong hoat dong ca yahoo financing va thi truong chung khoang deu khong vao duoc. Yahoo cong bo rang bi khung bo o World trade center thi toi moi biet. Gia dinh toi o Canada cung khong goi duoc toi vi ho lo cho toi vi toi hay di cong tac o phi truong Boston va co 2 chuyen bay di ti phi truong Logan da dam vao World trade center. Cuoi cung ho goi email va toi tra loi toi khong sao ca luc do la 11 gio trua.
Ca tuan do toi di lam ve la toi xem tivi den luc di ngu vi cam thay mat mat va cam thay dau thuong vi toi moi di cong tac cung tai phi truong Logan o Boston chi cach nhau co mot ngay ma thoi. Mot phan nua la nhung dau tu cua minh cung se mat mat vi toi biet thi truong chung khoang se xuong the tham khi mo cua tro lai. Va cung tu do toi co mot la co My nho treo trong phong khi toi dong xang ho tang cho moi nguoi mot la co de dang vao xe hoi nhg toi chi de la co do trong phong hoc ma thoi.
Toi la nguoi may man duoc lam viec va song o 2 quoc gia: Canada va My nen toi co the noi rang toi biet duoc su khac biet giua nguoi Canada va nguoi My rat ro rang. Nguoi My co long yeu nuoc rat cao so voi dan Canada. Nguoc lai Canada co cuoc song binh than hon, nguoi Canada va chinh phu Canada de dang va cam thong hon so voi My vi Canada tu sau the chien II khong co chien tranh. Co le vi vay long yeu nuoc khong hien ra ro rang bang nc My. Thue o Canada thi cao hon so voi nuoc My vi dan so My la 303,824,640 so voi Canada la 33,212,696 (thue chia cho binh quan). Nguoc lai Canada cung giong nhu mot nuoc Xa hoi Chu Nghia dung nghia la chinh phu se lo het cho nguoi dan nhu suc khoe do la dieu nc My khong he co. Day cung co le ly do ma thue o Canada tuong doi cao hon o My. Va toi con biet nhieu dieu nua ve Canada vs. USA. Cau noi "di mot ngay dan hoc mot sang khon" dung lam. Vi doc than nen toi muon di nhieu noi va se dung buoc khi lap gia dinh. Moi lan den mot noi moi toi minh cang phan dau hon va biet nhieu dieu thu vi hon. Doi voi toi den mot noi moi khong co gi kho khan ca. Tat ca deu rat de dang doi voi toi.
Co l lan toi tro ve tu VN ve My thi ngoi gan mot nguoi My va ho hoi toi tai sao toi den Canada truoc va la cong dan cua Canada. Toi tra loi ho rat thanh that do la nhg y nghi cua toi khi con nho khi moi lon len, luc do toi co ac cam ve nguoi My vi ho da gay ra chien tranh o VN o que huong toi. Song fai co ly tuong cua minh. Gio thi toi biet rang khong fai nguoi My va la chinh phu va duong loi cua My thoi do ma thoi. Vi toi co nhg nguoi ban My rat than va toi thuong den tham ho o Boston. Toi qua My lam vi mot su tinh co ma thoi toi duoc hang moi qua do lam va cho toi nhieu dieu kien va stocks(co phan).
Toi co ve giup VN nhieu lan nhat la nhung nam 1995-2000 va toi co the noi toi la mot nguoi yeu nuoc.
Toi tuong la toi se khong bao gio tro lai VN nua vi che do co le ban da biet qua thoi ky co han/bao cap/ky thi va danh tu san va gia dinh toi mat mat rat nhieu, co rat nhieu nguoi fai bo nuoc ra di. Tai sao la nam 1995 nam do toi tro ve VN 2 lan, 1 lan me toi benh nang va 1 lan khi me toi mat. Va tu do toi mo coi hoan toan: khong cha va khong me. Toi khong con ai de goi la me. Toi biet me toi thuong toi nhat vi la con ut trong gia dinh va me toi rat hai long ve toi. Con nho me toi day toi ve dao duc song lam nguoi. Mot dieu toi nho mai la me toi noi rang neu lam tot thi se len thien dan va lam dieu xau thi se xuong dia nguc. Toi it bao gio khoc trong cuoc doi cua toi nhg lan do me toi mat, toi khoc rat nhieu va toi la nguoi cuoi cung roi nghia trang. Sau nay toi co nghe ke lai tu nguoi tai xe la hom do ng ta noi "Cau Ut khoc rat nhieu do" Me toi khong bao gio muon di ngoai quoc me toi noi me gia dau can di dau khi chet thi me muon o day chet.
Va cung tu do toi thuong tro ve VN. Co mot lan toi lam viec voi nhg can bo khi an trua va toi noi rang: "neu khong co 1975 chung ta se khong ngoi day de an trua nhu vay, vi chung ta dung o 2 ben vi tuyen va chung ta la 2 ke thu va toi noi tiep tai sao la 2 ke thu trong khi chung ta cung mot nguoi Vietnam cung mot ngon ngu va cung mot mau da chi khac nhau mot chu nghia" tat ca moi nguoi ngoi kinh ngac vi truoc do mot vai gio toi dang gian day cho ho nhu mot nguoi thay va khong he noi den chinh tri.
Toi co xem phim tai lieu doc va nghe Ho Chi Minh noi Ngo Dinh Diem rang ong ay cung la mot nguoi yeu nuoc khac - il a un patriote différent/Ho respected Diem, He respected as a patriot, but in a different way. (
Luc do thi ho can toi hon la toi can ho nhung vi yeu nuoc va muon nuoc minh fat trien hon ve sau. Gia dinh toi da khong dong y cho toi lam dieu nay nhat la cac anh lon hon toi nhg toi van lam vi toi nghi do la que huong cua toi. Vi que huong neu ai khong nho, se khong lon noi thanh nguoi...Cung co the nhg nguoi nhu toi nhung nguoi vo hinh da lam thay doi phan nao theo toi nghi thay doi khong it thi nhieu. Hien tai toi nghi la thay doi theo mot chieu huong tieu cuc hon nam 1995-2000 thay doi theo mot chieu huong xau, su an choi trac tang hon cang ngay cang nhieu mat di nhung cai tinh chat tot dep cua nguoi viet ca nhung danh tu ma goi la danh tu hoi nhap bat dau noi nhg cau tieng Anh ma khong hieu duoc ro y nghia cua no toi noi day la dai truyen hinh VN khi doc tin tuc.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take me now.

It is a beautiful song. It's brillant lyrics. Nhac viet hien gio can mot phong cach rieng nhu vay va can mot su sang tao voi mot tu duy rieng. Minh rat it nghe nhac viet ngoai tru nhac Trinh/Pham Duy va nhung bai nhac cua ngay xa xua do. Nhg bai nhac moi minh cam nhan KHONG co chieu xau nhu nhac Trinh (oi tieng buon roi deu nhin lai minh doi da xanh bao gio minh duoc nghe nhg dong nhac moi nhu vay khong? never)

Friday, June 12, 2009

When We Share

When we share laughter,
There's twice the fun;
When we share success,
We've surpassed what we've done.

When we share problems,
There's half the pain;
When we share tears,
A rainbow follows rain.

When we share dreams,
They become more real;
When we share secrets,
It's our hearts we reveal.

If we share a smile,
That's when our love shows;
If we share a hug,
That's when our love grows.

If we share with someone
On whom we depend,
That person is always
Family or friend.

And what draws us closer
And makes us all care,
Is not what we have,
But the things that we share.

A Am7
We used to laugh, we used to cry
Em7 Dm7 C
We used to bow our heads then, wonder why
A Am7
And now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on
Em7 Dm7 C
And make the best of what you've left to me
Am7 D7
Left to me, left to me
G Em
I need you like the flower needs the rain
Bm Am7 D7
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
G Em
You know I need you like the winter needs the spring
You know I need you, I need you
A Am7
And every day, I'd laugh the hours away
Em7 Dm7 C
Just knowing you were thinking of me
A Am7
And then it came that I was put to blame
Em7 Dm7 C
For every story told about me
Am7 D7
About me, about me

I need you like the flower needs the rain
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
You know I need you, I need you
I need you like the winter needs the spring
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
You know I need you, I need you

I need you like the flower needs the rain
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
You know I need you, I need you
I need you like the winter needs the spring
You know I need you, guess I'll start it all again
You know I need you, I need you ...

Is Love an Art?

Is love an art? Then it requires knowledge and effort. Or is love a pleasant sensation, which to experience is a matter of chance, something that one "falls into" if one is lucky? This little book is based on the former premise, while undoubtedly the majority of people today believe in the latter.

Not that people think that love is not important. They are starved for it; they watch endless numbers of films about happy and unhappy love stories, they listen to hundreds of trashy songs about love -- yet hardly anyone thinks that there is anything that needs to be learned about love.

This particular attitude is based in several premises which either singly or combined tend to uphold it. Most people see the problem of love primarily as that of being loved, rather than that of loving, of one's capacity to love. Hence the problem to them is how to be loved, how to be lovable. In pursuit of this aim they follow several paths. One, which is especially used by men, is to be successful, to be as powerful and rich as the social margin of one's position permits. Another, especially used by women, is to make oneself attractive, by cultivating one's body, dress, etc. Other ways of making oneself attractive, used by both men and women, are to develop pleasant manners, interesting conversation, to be helpful, modest, inoffensive. . . . what most people in our culture mean by being lovable is essentially a mixture between being popular and having sex appeal.

A second premise behind the attitude that there is nothing to be learned about love is the assumption that the problem of love is the problem of an object, not the problem of a faculty. People think that to love is simple, but that to find the right object to love -- or to be loved by -- is difficult. . . . to a vast extent people are in search of "romantic love," of the personal experience of love which then should lead to marriage. This concept greatly enhances the importance of the object as against the importance of the function.

The third error leading to the assumption that there is nothing to be learned about love lies in the confusion between the initial experience of "falling" in love, and the permanent state of being in love, or as we might better say, of "standing" in love. . . . people take the intensity of their infatuation, the being "crazy" about each other, for proof of the intensity of their love, while it may only prove the degree of their preceding loneliness.

This attitude -- that nothing is easier than to love -- has continued to be the prevalent idea about love in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. if this were the case with any other activity, people would be eager to know the reasons for the failure, and to learn how one could do better -- or they would give up the activity. Since the latter is impossible in the case of love, there seems to be only one adequate way to overcome the failure of love -- to examine the reasons for this failure, and to proceed to study the meaning of love.

The first step is to become aware that love is an art, just as living is an art; if we want to learn how to love we must proceed in the same way we have to proceed if we want to learn any other art, say music, painting, carpentry, or the art of medicine or engineering.

Could it be that only those things are considered worthy of being learned with which one can earn money or prestige, and that love, which "only" profits the soul, but is profitless in the modern sense, is a luxury we have no right to spend much energy on?

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.

You can put a smile on people face this is a true story.
Tuan nay anh da nau bon Spaghetti(Mi Y). Anh chi nau o cuoi tuan ma thoi. Moi tuan la nhu vay. Hom qua anh can mua mot vai thu vi khong con sua tuoi anh can cho cafe buoi sang. Anh di vao sieu thi thi co 1 phu nu lon tuoi 70 di ra voi nhg bao tui nang treu. Anh hoi nguoi phu nu " Do you need help" and she replied "no I am ok" nhg anh nhin lai thay ba ay rat vat va va anh tro lai va anh noi "Please let me help" cuoi cung ba ay dong y va anh sach ra xe hoi cua ba ay. Trong luc di ba ay noi rang "you are very nice and very kind" anh la mot nguoi tot va tu te va ba anh tiep " it is not easy to find a person like you at these days" anh tra loi "khong co chi vi do la viec lam rat nho nhg toi thay rat can thiet" ba cu tuong tuong nhu 20 nam ve truoc khi con nguoi rat tot cho nhau va danh thoi gian cho nhau. Ba ay mim cuoi va rat dac y. Chung toi dong y la con nguoi cua thuo xa xua rat tot hon bay gio vi vay minh nen giu cai tu duy do no van trong chung ta chi can nghi lai minh co the lam duoc. Minh khg can di xa de put a smile on people face...She reminded me of my mother. Anh khong con cha lan me. Theo anh nghi nhg nguoi mat cha me som ho se co gang hon de den bu ve su mat mat cua ho va ho se phan dau hon dien hinh la tong thong My Barak Obama. Va do cung co the la luan bu tru ma thoi. Khong biet nua nhung anh cam nhan minh khong con tuy thuoc vao ai va tuy thuoc vao ban than minh hon. Hau nhu tat ca deu tuy thuoc vao chinh 2 ban tay minh ma thoi cung co le vi vay ma minh se co khong co so gi ca va chinh su mat mat do - no da tao ra toi mot tinh tu lap. Ma toi da viet: I believe that everything you have in life you must earn by yourself.
Do la loi chan that nhat qua kinh nghiem song cua toi. Co le vi vay ma toi cam thong voi nhg dua tre bat hanh. Mot dieu nua la toi rat so fai mang on mot ai do vi da giup minh vi vay toi co the noi la khong bao gio nho va bat cu ai va luc nao cung tu tin vao chinh minh khong duoc thi thoi chu khong thich nho va ai ca. Toi that bai cung nhieu vi chinh toi fai tu hoc hoi va tu vuot len cho chinh ban than minh khi gap fai nhung tro ngai trong su nghiep. Vi vay minh se tran trong va biet duoc gia tri cua nhg gi minh co. Toi co long tu hao, tu tin va tu trong rat cao. Khong biet co tot hay khong. Nhung theo toi nghi nhung tinh do deu tot vi no tao cho toi mot cuoc song rat doc lap ve moi mat, tu cai nhin ve khoa hoc ve gia dinh/xahoi/con nguoi va ca ve gia dinh rieng cua minh sau nay nua.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Do you be by my side?

Love is about finding the right person, creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.
It is better to go for someone who loves you, rather than someone who you love. Is it true?
Over the years, I have discovered life is a journey, a pilgrimage, a sacred adventure. Within everyone’s inner solitude, there is that bright and warm hearth where the spirit dwells waiting to be roused. There are many paths to enlightenment, their teachings rich and varied offering wisdom and “food for thought” and everything we need for our journey to awakening lies within us. In the beginning, spirituality appears like the bud on a bloom, opening gradually, tempting us with a glimpse of its splendor and unfathomable depths. It is here we create the blueprint of our collective existence.
Each of us from time to time experience crises from different life changing events and transitions, all unpredictable moments arriving and intruding into our “well groomed” lives. We didn’t ask for this interference and we wonder why it has arrived bringing with it havoc and confusion. BUT no matter what the source, each crisis has a common bond…a threshold. A holy summons inviting us to cross a threshold involving both a leaving behind and a stepping toward.
During these times of roadblocks, dead ends and detours, we often choose to ignore that inner calling. Transformation takes an enormous amount of trust in the voice that urges us to take note. We need to pay attention and ask ourselves what is it we are being summoned to learn? Has the time arrived to push past our comfort zone and begin the slow process of transformation? Are we ready to accept responsibility for our life choices and embark on this soulful journey? Many of us have learned to be afraid of the feelings inside of ourselves. We tend to bury or ignore them. Perhaps even run from them pretending they don’t exist. We cannot deceive ourselves! Until we claim and embrace these “unwanted” pieces of our shadow, they will continue to resurface, haunting us and making their presence known, one way or another. Slow down and be in touch with your feelings. Be kind and loving to ... to touch and to be touched...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sailing...I am flying passing high clouds, to be with you, to be free

I am sailing, I am sailing home again cross the sea.
I am sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.
I am flying, I am flying like a bird cross the sky.
I am flying passing high clouds, to be with you, to be free.
I just recorded this song
I came to know this song from FM radio and deeply in love when I drove from NJ to Boston in July 4 on the beautiful sunny morning, I lived in Boston before I moved to NJ so I'm still having friends there. It is 4, 5 hours drive. I love Boston but NJ is warmer in the winter and not much snow compared to Boston or Canada.

The reason is because my feeling is the same as the song's lyrics.
Such longing should cross the sky to touch your
hair and to say Good night. ./.tv

Friday, June 5, 2009

Le corbeau et le renard vs. the black cat and black squirrel

Ngay xua toi di hoc toi co biet cau chuyen cua Victor Hugo nha van hao noi tieng cua Phap tua de la con chon va con qua.
Sang toi uong cafe sau vuong thi toi thay con meo den dang ruoc bat con soc den. Toi quan sat rat ky con meo ngoi rat yen lang o goc cay nhu vay.

va con soc bo chay nhu vay. Trong that ngoan muc ve su kien nhan cua con meo va su nhanh nhen cua con soc. Con soc bo chay ma con co tinh quay mat de toi chup hinh nua chu.

O day moi sang toi deu bat gap nhg con thu hoan da nhu nai(deer), chon (weasel), raccoon (gau truc), qua/blackbird, du loai chim. Thien nhien la mot cai khong the thieu duoc trong doi song cua toi.

Theo quan diem va su trai nghiem cua Anh, thi mot nguoi can co nhung duc tinh nao va duc tinh nao la can thiet nhat khong the thieu duoc o con nguoi

- Dao Duc (Moral standards)
- Hoc Van (Education)
- Ly tuong (goals in life)
Tat ca deu quan trong they are interchanged va bo xung cho nhau de giup minh nhan dien la dieu nen lam dieu khg nen lam. Hoc van giup nhan dien ra do la dao duc that hay dao duc gia. Ly tuong thi nhieu giup dat duoc muc dich ma hoc van dao duc de vach ra cho minh. Song fai co muc dich va uoc mo. Ngoai ra moi nguoi nen co mot "đam mê" tốt. Chinh nhg dam me nay se giup minh hieu va pha trien cai "toi" cua minh o nhg luc trong vang nhat/the solitude. Dem qua trong luc trong vang anh ca bai nhac nay va hieu them the nao la Rieng mot goc troi ma nhieu lan nghe ma khong de y Ngo Thuy Mien dien ta gi. Em nghe nha. Day la nhg gi ma anh nghi rieng hay cai tu duy cho ban than anh ma thoi. Co the moi nguoi co cai nhin khac nhau.

If we don't have our dreams, we have nothing. - From the movie Astronaut Farmer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

To be or not to be...

Neu nhin de thuong thi moi thuong duoc. Neu co thien cam thi moi co cam tinh duoc. Tinh ban roi tinh yeu nhg cai nhin dau tien email dau tien co gay duoc cam xuc cho minh ko? tu cam xuc moi dua den su cam thong, dong cam va rung dung. Dung fai bat buoc anh fai reply neu anh nghi rang minh khong hop anh khong muon mat thoi gian cho nhau va tranh ngo nhan ve sau. Su im lang la su tu choi do. Anh chi di tim mot nguoi va mot nguoi ma thoi. Do la su that. Anh rat so lam mot nguoi nao buon ve minh va minh fai an han sau nay du chi mot loi noi hay chi mot cam xuc that nho do chinh minh gay ra.
Tai sao co nguoi dan ong vo hoc thuc va da mang nhu vay quen nhieu nguoi tren net roi loi dung phu nu va cho do la mot chien thang cua minh. Tai sao lai co nhg nguoi dan ong nhu vay tren the gian nhi. Tai sao nguoi phu nu co the fall in love cho nguoi ma nhin da thay that vo duyen ngay ca cai nick name cung thay vo hoc thuc nhu vay.
Anh khong fai nhu vay do la su khac biet giua mot nguoi co hoc thuc va mot nguoi khong co hoc thuc. Mot nguoi song voi dao duc va mot nguoi song khong co dao duc.
Mot nguoi song co ly tuong va mot nguoi khong co ly tuong.
Anh chi muon tim mot nua cua anh va song mot cach that tron ven voi voi nguoi do: to love to be loved to marry and to grow old together va dieu nay chi co the lam duoc neu minh chi biet va yeu mot nguoi ma thoi. Anh khg muon ai minh cung quen, co rat nhieu ngo nhan xay ra trong internet va minh fai biet va chap dut dung de nguoi khac hi vong ve minh va ho se trach minh ve sau. Va ng phu nu nay fai co fai co cai gi do ma anh khong co, chu di lam, an, ngu, xem tivi khg fai la tiep nguoi ma anh muon, hay viet cho anh email ma gay cam xuc nhu anh da viet cho em vi anh chua bao nhan mot email nao de lam anh fai suy tu. Neu khong co an tuong va cam xuc thi lam sao minh co the song nguoi do suot doi dc dung hon? nhu vay song mot minh tot hon theo anh nghi.
Lam sao de nguoi do se song voi minh nhu mot nguoi yeu thi hanh phuc se tuyet voi hon. Ket hon chi la mot hinh thuc khuc quanh de ta nhan dien la ta thuoc ve nhau nhg lien he voi nhau sau nay moi la dieu quan trong. Hon nhan la cuoc song khac fai biet binh tinh de don nhan no co the lam thang hoa hay dui dap ca mot cuoc doi nhg vi vui hay buon la do thai do cua chung ta d/v no nhu the nao? fai di den tan cung thi moi co giai vay anh khong bao gio tin vao ly di. Minh co quyen chon nhung minh khong co quyen doi theo anh nghi thi no khong co trai voi dao duc. Khi da chon thi fai song suot doi voi 1 nguoi ma thoi.
Toi chi muon xem vo toi nhu mot nguoi tinh va mai mai van la nguoi tinh vi vay toi se tran trong tinh yeu ay hon.

Minh co the luong gat voi moi nguoi nhg minh khg the lua d/v luong tam cua minh va cai "toi" cua minh duoc. Nhu vay tot hon la song mot cach trung thuc voi nguoi va voi ta. Lam nguoi xau thi rat de lam nguoi tot thi kho va lam mot nguoi quan tu thi cang kho hon.
If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Money is not everything in this life and I want to share a story

Money is not the main objective in life but it is optional only for me anyway. I think that I wrote in my websites:
The more simple life you live the better you will become.

This is correct when you read this story
From $200K to $25K a year It was posted in yahoo financing section today. I often read most of the girls describe their goal is to make a lot of money after read this story I hope it will change your perspective. I think that only the happiness is forever. And good education is always staying with you. I am happy because I don't want anything else.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. C.H. Purgeon
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. George Sand.

I learn a lot about life when reading the true story like this simply because it is real. Philosophy is help to live right. I don't go to church or Pagoda as often as I want, but I read a lot about philosophy. Philosophy is very closed to religious. Em co nghi nhu vay khong? Co nhg dam me tot cung giup minh khi tinh than minh xuong. It is important to have a cleanliness "dam me". vi du nhu dam me nhac, nghe thuat....tat ca deu la tot cho minh hien tai va tuong lai. Khg co dam me minh khg biet lam gi khi minh ranh roi va doi luc minh lam nhg dieu khong tot. It is always to "dam me" cai gi do tren doi and you will love life more. Hom qua anh xem movie va co 1 cau nhu vay: "Chung toi muon thay doi cuoc song vi chung toi khong muon thoi gian troi qua va khong lam duoc gi huu ich va cuoc song cua chung toi tro nen buon chan." Anh khong muon cuoc song nhu vay dau vi tren doi nay co nhieu dieu thu vi va thich thu de lam. Anh muon co cuoc song that y nghia va anh da tim duoc no.
I used to have a big house, a fancy car and expensive furniture but I was never happy, materials will never make you happy this is from my experience. The big house was too big and too much work for me at every weekend. I am glad that I sold it. For some reasons I never regret to sell everything and I like my life more now than then.
I also realize that I don't need anything if I live alone.

Mal c'est une chanson pour le premier d' amour. First love First broken heart.

Mal means dau kho or pain or hurt. Mot tinh yeu dau doi tan vo, First love First broken heart. Cung giong nhu bai nhac Bao gio biet tuong tu cua Pham Duy.
Someone listens this song they like it but they don't understand what it means.
I knew this song when I was 10 yrs old when I attended French school. It is very old song but each time I play I feel the goose bumps do you feel this way?

Au fond du coeur
Oui j'ai mal
De la vie me fait mal
De temps en temps
Quand je regarde le soleil
Qui vole
Qui vole
Au fond du ciel
Je me souviens
D'un prénom qui me fait mal
D'une robe
D'un soulier de premier bal
Je me souviens
Des paroles d'une chanson
Où venaient souvent
Des mots dans les frissons

Dans une mer de corail
La couleur bleu me fait mal
De temps en temps
Quand je regarde le soleil
Qui vole
Qui vole
Au fond du ciel
Je me souviens
D'un prénom qui me fait mal
D'une robe
D'un soulier de premier bal
Je me souviens
Des paroles d'une chanson
Où venaient souvent
Des mots dans les frissons

Au fond du coeur
Oui j'ai mal
De la vie me fait mal
De temps en temps
Quand je regarde le soleil
Qui vole
Qui vole
Au fond du ciel
Je me souviens
D'un prénom qui me fait mal
D'une robe
D'un soulier de premier bal
Je me souviens
Des paroles d'une chanson
Où venaient souvent
Des mots dans les frissons

Oui j'ai mal
Bien trop mal
Oui j'ai mal

Badly At the bottom of the heart Yes j' have badly Badly Life hurts me From time to time When I look at the sun Who flies Who flies At the bottom of the sky I remember D' a first name which hurts me D' a dress D' a shoe of first dance I remember Words d' a song Where often came Words in the shivers Badly In a coral sea Badly The color blue hurts me From time to time When I look at the sun Who flies Who flies At the bottom of the sky I remember D' a first name which hurts me D' a dress D' a shoe of first ball I remember Words d' a song Where often came Words in the shivers Badly At the bottom of the heart Yes j' have badly Badly Life hurts me From time to time When I look at the sun Who flies Who flies At the bottom of the sky I remember D' a first name which hurts me D' a dress D' a shoe of first ball I remember Words d' a song Where often came Words in the shivers Badly Badly Yes j' have badly Well too badly Badly Badly Yes j' have badly

This Babel fish translation it is not very good I will do it again when I have time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time flies so fast

It is not enough time to do anything. I want do more but I am tired so I go to bed and watching movie "Revolutionary road" with Kate Winsler and Leonard Dicaprio. Kate won one Oscar: Best Actress for The Reader (2008). I also watched The Reader it is like summer 42. Giong phim VN co gai ban sach ma khong biet doc trong phim Bong Dung Muon Khoc. So sanh thi thay script cua Reader rat hay hon nhieu voi phim VN. Co ay khong biet doc khi o trong tu (prison) thi nguoi con trai doc va thu bang trong nhg bang cassettes goi vao tu cho co ay nghe. Mot ngay nao do co ay quyet dinh tu hoc de biet doc va viet tu nhg cassettes co ta dem tu phien am hop voi tung chu trong nhg cuoc sach ma nguoi con trai goi. Dao dien cua VN muon kha nen co nhg so sanh nhu vay. Co le vi vay ma film The Reader duoc nhieu Academy awards because it is based on the true story. Myself and people like to watch a true story because it happens in real life and you can learn from it. VN con co mot khuyet diem lon la loi van noi rat binh thuong khong co van chuong day la diem yeu cua phim VN.

Kate Elizabeth Winslet (born 5 October 1975) is an English actress.
My favorites: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Both have a very good background in acting.

My most likeable actor is Harrison Ford. Love knows no borders they are over 30 years different in age. Calista Flockhart is cute as always.

It is good to be crazy and insane as long as you can live in your dream - From the movie Revolutionary Road.

Monday, June 1, 2009

veoh - Bee Gees is my favorite band at all time, "holidays" the 1st song I heard from them when I came here in the winter time when it was snow.

It is true music lasts for a life time. I remembered the day "holidays" records just came out. Ngay xua the gioi rat hoa binh khong bao gio nghe chu "terrorism" (khung bo) di ra phi truong di dau that de dang khg co kiem soat nhu bay gio. Con nguoi ngay do that tot va tha thu. Co nhg lan toi di hoc hay di lam nguoi ta nguung xe hoi de hoi toi co muon di khong nguoi ta cho co hitchhiker (nguoi di co gian) gio thi khg bao gio, du minh co dua tay de hitchhiker ng ta khg dam ngung vi so bi cuop hay ho khg co thoi gio ngung cho minh du de hoi tham loi di. Chinh toi va con nguoi song nhu may moc va con nguoi tro nen ich ky.

O Saigon cung vay ngay xua con duong Tu Xuong that tho mong day lang man gio toi ve chi thay 2 ben duong la nhungg quan an nha hang, quan an on ao - mat het cai tham my cua thanh pho nen tho cua thuo nao khi toi lon len, ngay xua khi con rat nho toi rat thich di xe dap tren duong Tu Xuong, toi di xe dap vi no chay cham va yen lang va toi co the thuong thuc mui thom cua Ngoc Lan va ve xau hat ca. Nhu bai nhac cua Pham Duy. Con duong Duy Tan cay dai boc mat, uong ly chanh duong uong moi em ngot. Khi toi ve VN nhieu lan toi van o khach san nho o dau duong Tu Xuong canh do co quan cafe Thien Hong doi luc toi den do de nho lai ngay xa xua. Mai ma cung co cai quan cafe nay neu khong thi biet tim noi dau yen tinh.
Saigon gio thi co cau tho nay:
Saigon di dau cung gap nha hang, nha nang di mai khg biet noi dau.
Sao con nguoi VN thich an cai gi ho cung an duoc, rang, rua, meo, cho, ca xau....cai gi ho cung an hinh nhu ho khong con biet an gi hay ho co qua nhieu thoi gio ranh roi de tim toi mon la dung trong phim goi la ngoc hoang. Dung la ngoc hoang an voi nhau. Ho khg co dam me gi hay viec gi lam thich thu ngoai tru an va nhau. O day ma ho se goi canh sat neu biet minh an nhg thu do.
Toi chi muon the gioi va loai nguoi nhu ngay xua co duoc hon?

This is how I remember Saigon, this is Saigon when I grew up. I was in Boston when
Mr. Thieu passed away. I did not know he lived in Boston until I watched the news.
BOSTON, Sept 30 2001 (Reuters) - Nguyen Van Thieu, the penultimate president of South Vietnam, who led his nation until just days before it fell to its bitter enemy North Vietnam, died Saturday night in Boston, a hospital official said on Sunday.

US stock futures rise following overseas gains - this is my working place and I love it.

NEW YORK (AP) -- U.S. stock futures pointed higher Monday as data on the manufacturing industry added to hopes that the global economy may soon recover...
Associated Press Writer – 40 mins ago
SAO PAULO – A missing Air France jet carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris ran into lightning and strong thunderstorms over the Atlantic Ocean, officials said Monday. Brazil began a search mission off its northeastern coast.
Life is never perfect so live and enjoy what you have because you never know what tomorrow will bring. ./.tv

Last year there was an accident with Air France landing in Toronto Airport, Canada but there was no injuring. This time it seems all 228 people on board and the Air Bus 383 were vanished in the Atlantic ocean. This is the worst tragedy since 2001.
Everyday happiness means getting up in the morning and you can't wait to finish your breakfast. You can't wait to do your exercises. You can't wait to put on your clothes. You can't wait to get out-- and you can't wait to come home, because the soup is hot. - George Burns
I agreed with George Burns, I cannot wait to wake up in the morning to start a new day. My first thing in the morning is making a fresh cup of Trung Nguyen coffee and read the news to see how much it will effect my portfolio today. Hope the recession is over by the end of this year. I am still lost about 5% now. If you buy stocks without researching is gamble if you research carefully it is an investment. Most of people to be become super rich not because they work but because their investment like Warren Buffett. I bought stocks GE a bit cheaper then him. I lost a lot money on GE. It was my mistake because I saw Warren Buffett bought it. Everyday is an interesting day for me and I love it. I am a multi-tasking person the ADSL is not fast enough for me to do many things as I wish. To download a movie it still takes over 30 minutes during this time I cannot do anything else. I am using Linux operating system as you see I have 3 Linux and only 1 windows system for Photoshop. Linux is awesome. I rarely switch the monitor to tivi everything you can have from the internet. I may switch to tivi for a few minutes when I am in bed because I am using LCD tivi as the monitor. Internet is much more flexible you can read or watch movies anytime it is always there and ready for you. Even my telephone is connected to the internet called VoIP. Voice over internet so I can make all calls in North America for free. I want to write blog but I don't have time but trying to do it more often. I think it is good to have a diary to share with someone that you love so she knows more about you. I do have a notebook to write down what I plan to do or the things that I have to remember but blog is much more flexible to add or remove to update it.

I like to watch Charlie Rose at and 60 minutes. Interview the second richest man in the world. Does he look like the richest man?